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District 201Q4, Queensland, Australia

Tewantin Noosa Tewantin Noosa Lions are always on the move. Some of the exciting and rewarding things that we do.

Club news

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    Noosa Australia Day Festival

    Tewantin Noosa Lions Club together with Rotary Club of Noosa Heads organised a fabulous Festival for 2019 for Australia Day. Lots of great food, loads of fun activities for the kids and great entertainment.

    All in all a very successful day for all who rolled up to celebrate the best day of the year for all Australians!!

    Well done everyone.

    More details: https://www.facebook.com/TewantinNoosaLionsClub/

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    Alpha State School BBQ

    Students from Alpha State School (928 km away - north-west) spent the afternoon visiting Noosaville State School, hanging out with the Tewantin Lions Club and doing a few TV/radio interviews. A huge thanks to Noosaville State School and Tewantin Noosa Lions Club for being very generous hosts today. Our students had a great afternoon.

    More details: https://www.facebook.com/TewantinNoosaLionsClub/

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    Coolum Beach Convention 2018

    Members of our Club had a really great time at the Coolum Convention. Great guest speakers, amazing fellowship and really friendly people, all enjoying the days and nights with fellow Lions. People of all ages coming together to meet new friends and enjoying time with old friends too.

    Congratulations to our bright shining star Kirra Shelton who spoke of her experiences in the Youth Exchange Student Program. You did us proud Kirra ...well done...super delivery.

    David Watts was elected as 1st Vice District Governor for 2019-2020 which was well deserved. This recognition was a reward for his dedication and hard work and one step closer to his goal of District Governor.

    This was a great moment for Tewantin Noosa Lions Club and we were all very proud of him and his achievement.

    Lion Chris Pullin made a presentation for the 2021 Convention to be held by Tewantin Noosa Lions. Our Club was successful in the bid for the Convention and created lots of excitement.

    We are now looking forward to making the 2021 Convention a time to remember for all Lions who attend.

    Michael Roach informed all Lions of the progression of the Drought Relief Fundraising throughout Queensland. He told us all about Jericho and their plight and how the people of this town are very appreciative of everything that we are doing for them.

    The Remembrance Ceremony was a special event and the weather was very kind to all and made this part of the Convention very pleasant to remember our past Members. It was fabulous to see Michael and Annette O’Brien present. Welcome back, we have missed you both.

    More details: https://www.facebook.com/notes/tewantin-noosa-lions-club/coolum-convention-2018/1920361354699098/

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    Drought Relief News from Michael Roach

    Drought News from Michael and Jay Roach
    To our Club Members,

    Thank you for the time spent on your feet cooking sausages to provide the money to purchase emergency food for the drought-affected dairy farming family in Wondai. They have been really struggling over the past few months with many hurdles faced of finances, health, weather, age etc., and the statement was made to us “I don’t think I will be able to put food on the table for us”.

    We were able to supply groceries, fresh fruit & veg. kindly donated from the Tewantin Green Grocer, meat purchased from the butcher in Wondai, an electric beater, footwear & Noosa Heads Lions dropped off a box of goodies. Mark Shelton rallied to the cause with large size boots and 2 Visa cards for fuel and general purchases.
    You may wonder about the electric beater – Ruth has been making cakes & scones selling them door to door in town to make some income as lack of nutritious feed for stock meant greatly reduced milk production and then when it did rain the cows stopped producing milk!! Stupid things!
    Our dear friend Steve Priest’s clothes were put to great use as he was the same size as our farmer & Adele, he will look amazing in Steve’s floral boardies in the mud around the dairy!

    The area received 100 millimetres of rain in that stormy period 2 weeks ago, the sun has come out and the grass is green and you are inclined to think “what drought”! We experienced “experienced green drought’ in Canberra so we know it is just a tease!

    Last night the family rang to pass on their sincere thanks & stated that they hadn’t eaten meat for 6 months & were over the moon about the corned silver-side.
    So, to all of you, I say thank you from Michael & I and also one dairying family who are just over the range from Noosa.

    Attachment: Drought News Jay Roach.pdf

    More details: https://www.facebook.com/notes/tewantin-noosa-lions-club/coolum-convention-2018/1920361354699098/


    My theme for the District this year is “Moving Forward”. The Lion’s Logo has Lion’s heads facing both forward and backwards.

    Having spent the last three years celebrating our achievements in the last 100 years it is time to look forward.

    Under the theme of “Moving Forward” the District Leadership will be encouraging our club leaders to focus on five aspects of our operations;

    1. Leadership. Cabinet leadership and Zone chairs have plans in place to deliver many new leadership development initiatives over the next 12 months. I encourage members to try and find the time to accept these opportunities and learn more about our Lions organisation and how we plan to strengthen and grow our clubs.

    2. Inclusion. Everyone has something to contribute. It is important that your club programs include a range of service projects so we can match each individual ’s capabilities with at least one club project. Not everyone can do physical work, not everyone can handle the new technology, but club leaders should be able to find service projects to suit everyone.

    3. Openness. Please be open to working with other organisations in your communities. Invite their leaders to meetings as guest speakers. Learn more about they do. Lions have a lot to offer. Keep in mind that your club can call on support from other Lions clubs and you have the backing of our Lions Foundations. Lions can achieve almost anything once we recognise the need.

    4. New Ideas. Think about adopting a new project by partnering with an existing community group for an activity. This just might attract new members. Every
    Lions club is highly regarded because of our good name. We are well backed by our global organisation and our Lions Liability insurance cover which is out of the reach of many local community organisations.

    5. Service. “We Serve” remains our primary focus. We all joined Lions with this in mind. Everyone in our clubs and our district organisation is focused on enabling our members to deliver on this promise.

    Kind regards to all.
    Bill Moore, 0418 301 455

District news

  • Latest Club Officer Basics Manual now available

    Download the latest Club Officer Basics manuals from the District Website "Training" Menu. Click on the "More Details" link below to go to the Training Menu Page.
    Club President Basics
    Club Secretary Basics
    Club Treasurer Basics
    Club Membership Chair Basics
    Global Action Team Basics
    Other Key Club Positions Basics
    Links to more Club Officers Resources
    The District Officer Resource Manuals

    More details: https://201q4.lions.org.au/training

  • Registering for your new "Lion Account"

    To access MyLCI from March 27th 2019 you will need to create a new "Lion Account" which will give you access to both MyLCI and MyLION on your PC or Laptop. This short Video demonstrates the process of creating new "Lion Account"

    More details: https://vimeo.com/324982169?fbclid=IwAR2bCT_3pZkv8hiJjIo7iXULOz4Si-ZZb3Q6jeF3ciI-E27f6h_pilprjBo

  • Changes to the way you login to MyLCI

    From March 27, 2019 all our Lions digital applications will be grouped into a single account, which will be called your Lion Account. This account will use a single, universal login system. Instead of using different credentials to login to different applications, we’ll use one User ID and Password to access them all (MyLion, MyLCI, Shop and upcoming applications).

    For MyLion users—you’re all set! Your MyLion credentials will work for your Lion Account.

    URL for MyLon on Web https://app.mylion.org

    MyLCI users will be asked to create a Lion Account if they have not already registered on MyLion.

    We recognize this will be a short term disruption for all MyLCI users, but we believe this approach will have big benefits in the future as we add/improve applications and give our members a great online space to be Lions. Login and register at https://app.mylion.org/ and if you need help getting registered, please reach out to us at mylion@lionsclubs.org

    More details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyLionSupport/?fref=mentions

  • Lions Foundation (ALF) appeal for Nth Qld floods

    The Australian Lions Foundation has commenced an appeal throughout Australia to support the thousands of residents in Townsville impacted by the current flooding disaster. This is an unprecedented natural disaster being referred to as a “one in a century event”.
    Clubs and individuals who wish to donate can send cheques direct to The Treasurer, PDG Allan Cooper Australian Lions Foundation Ltd, PO Box 278 Melville, WA 6956.
    OR make a direct deposit to Australian Lions Foundation Ltd. Emergency Disaster Appeals Westpac account BSB 036-048 Account No. 440704. (Donations not tax deductible, please use Club Number as reference). Personal donations from the general public can be deposited to Emergency Disaster Appeals Westpac account BSB 036-001 Account No. 474157 (donations are tax deductible).

    The public may also donate direct to the Foundation by using the “GiveNow link” button on the Multiple District Website and the Australian Lions Foundation Website. All public donations received over $2 are tax deductible. Please consider supporting this appeal to help those in need.

    Attachment: 3. Newsflash Townsville Feb 2019.pdf

    More details: http://www.alf.lions.org.au/

  • Updated Lions Code of Conduct

    The updated Lions Code of Conduct is now available on the Lions Australia website: The new Code of Conduct Guide supports our Lions Ethics. It provides practical real life examples of the standard of conduct we expect of members.

    More details: https://lionsclubs.org.au/members/resources/#managing

  • Lions Children of Courage Programme

    Q4 has taken on a new project - the Lions Children of Courage Awards recognise children between the age of 5 and 15 who have successfully overcome barriers in their life. These awards can be made throughout the year; for more information check out the attached brochure, or contact I.P.D.G. Jan Barsby.

    Attachment: Lions Children of Courage Awards Brochure.pdf

  • Diabetes Queensland is keen to make contact with your club

    Diabetes Queensland is keen to make contact with your club and to learn how we can help with this challenging new endeavor. For your convenience, we have created a single email point of contact: lions@diabetesqld.org.au . To meet your needs and help co-ordinate the flow of information, we ask that you appoint a liaison officer, with whom we can exchange ideas and coordinate planning and activity.

    Attachment: Diabetes Quensland letter.pdf

  • Benefits of Volunteering

    Volunteering can be very meaningful and enjoyable, and in turn be good for your mental health and wellbeing.

    Volunteering can:
    give you a sense of achievement and purpose
    help you feel part of a community
    help you feel better about yourself by improving your self-esteem and confidence
    help you share your skills, learn new skills and create a better work-life balance
    help combat stress, loneliness and social isolation, and depression
    help you meet new people, which can help you feel more connected and valued.


    More details: http://www.mindhealthconnect.org.au/benefits-of-volunteering

  • The Australian Motorhoming Lions Club (AMLC) are offering to provide assistance to clubs.

    Australian Motorhoming Lions Club (AMLC) are keen to provide assistance to local Lions Clubs.

    Any Lions Club is welcome to lodge a request for assistance with
    fundraising activities which might otherwise be onerous or infeasible without the input of AMLC volunteers.

    The email address for lodging requests is amlc201q4@gmail.com and in return a Volunteer Request form will made available for completion and submission to AMLC.


    More details: http://amlc.org.au/

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