TEWANTIN NOOSA Lions Club inc.

District 201Q4, Queensland, Australia



All correspondence/contact is requested to be sent to :


Tewantin Noosa Lions Club Inc.

PO Box 67 Tewantin Qld 4565, care of Secretary.



President: Sheila Glew

Email: tnlcpresident@gmail.com


1st Vice President: Janelle McDonald

Email: tnlcvp1@gmail.com


2nd Vice President: Dagmar Orlicek

Email: tnlcvp2@gmail.com


3rd Vice President: Beverley Heaney

Email: tnlcvp3@gmail.com

Media Relations Officer


Immediate Past President: Chris Pullin


Secretary: Vivien Collins

Email: tewantinnoosalionsclub@yahoo.com.au


Treasurer: Michael O'Brien

Email: tnlctreasurer@gmail.com


Membership Chairman:  Chris Pullin
Email: tnlcmembership@gmail.com



Trevor Luff

Gary Dun

David Watts


Tail Twister: Trevor Luff


Lion Tamer: Chris Pullin