TEWANTIN NOOSA Lions Club inc.

District 201Q4, Queensland, Australia


TEWANTIN NOOSA LIONS CLUB is situated in Tewantin which is on the banks of the beautiful Noosa River, on the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia. We have been serving our community since the Club’s inception in 1967.  The Lions are your friends and neighbours who have volunteered and reach out to many people in the community, who are underprivileged or in need of our help.



Tewantin Noosa Lions are a group of enthusiastic, extremely generous people, who care for others and work together expressing their individual skills in keeping the very complex business of serving the community in every possible way? 

We meet regularly in a relaxed casual atmosphere at the Tewantin Noosa RSL every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6 pm to discuss issues and address community needs where we can assist.  We also enjoy the friendship and fellowship of other Club Members.    




Once again I would like to say thank you to our wonderful club members who are always ready to jump in to support all of our community events and projects.

Some members have even helped Noosa Heads Club with their fundraising. We were well represented at the District Convention in Yeppoon this October, where he Noosa 2021 Convention was promoted.

Christmas presents for children in the drought-affected region have been donated and we will be sending Christmas Cakes to their families. It will be a busy time leading up to Christmas and Jane and her committee will be seeking lots of help selling cakes. Let's all get behind this project.




Wherethere's a need, there's a Lion....how true is that.  Lions were called to take their XXXX tent to Lake Cooroibah, where they erected the tent and helped a family out after their home was destroyed.

Thanks to BCF for a portaloo and solar shower.  Just got the tent up and the rain came down.  Great work to all concerned!!



Lions packing up after feeding Evacuees from the fires.  Another Mission Accomplished!!!! Great work Lions - job well done!

Come join us - we are looking for Leos and Lions 18+ Young and Old - make a difference in your community! Make new friendships and have fun too.



Tewantin Noosa Lions chatting with Mayor Tony Wellington and Community Facilities Manager Ash Seward during dinner time for evacuees. Whether there are 20 or 200 we will still be there. Prayers are with all families concerned and we hope you are back in your homes tonight!!





Firefighters were on Saturday night battling the blaze that forced more than 4000 people from their homes around Noosa, Tewantin, Cooroibah and North Shore on the Sunshine Coast. Many of them were camping out at the Noosa Leisure Centre to escape the path of the fires and were unable to return home for several days.

Smoke build up from fires at Cooroibah

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) advised residents that there was a bushfire in Cooroibah and surrounding areas. Leaving immediately was the safest option, as it would soon be too dangerous to drive in the area. They were told to follow their bushfire and authorities plans immediately!

A disaster area was declared at the Noosa fire that destroyed a house and forced thousands to evacuate.

Evacuation Centres were established at Noosa Leisure Centre (aided by Tewantin Noosa Lions), Noosa Library, The J (aided by Noosa Heads Lions Club) and Cooroy Library (aided by Cooroy Pomona Lions Club). Large animals were housed at Pomona Showground and small domestic animals were welcome at the evacuation centres.

Residents were so grateful for the comfort and great food served by many volunteers from Noosa Tewantin Lions Club, Noosa Heads Lions Club and Cooroy Pomona Lions Club.

Great job Lions, you worked laboriously over the 3 days and I am sure the community appreciate your hard work and commitment!!! Making breakfast lunch and dinner meals over a 3 day period was a huge feat.

To residents and businesses in the community who donated food especially Dominos for their pizzas and Grill’d for their burgers.

Thank you on behalf of all evacuees......great pizzas and great burgers!!




What a fantastic weekend of fun and fellowship.  Fabulous guest speakers, great entertainment and beautiful weather. Congratulations Yeppoon Lions Club!






More than 5000 residents were evacuated from their homes in the Peregian Springs, Peregian Beach, Coolum and Weyba Downs areas because of bushfires.  Fortunately, there were no lost lives, but several houses were damaged.

Lions came together and pulled up their sleeves and the community spirit took over.  Tewantin Noosa Lions Club, Noosa Heads Lions Club and Cooroy Pomona Lions Club were at the ready for the long haul ahead. 

Not to mention all Fire Fighters and SES Members for whom we are very grateful for and who do an amazing job for all of us.

Lions prepared emergency breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the evacuees and supported them in every way possible.  Sometimes just a hug was sufficient.  The whole community came together and supported the less fortunate, it was an amazing experience to be part of and Lions did a fantastic job and showed their super spirits to all who they came into contact with.





This was a huge exercise and we are all proud to be Lions and part of extraordinary circumstances, where everyone in the community was empathetic and spread the love to help and support people in dire circumstances.


LIONS Sheila Glew & Mark Shelton were our representatives for a photoshoot and interview with Noosa Council for a future advertisement on TV.

First Member to receive a  KINDNESS MATTERS  pin is Vivien Collins....Congratulations!


Volunteers for the NOOSA CLASSIC BIKE RACE  were all happy and enthusiastic for a fabulous day of fundraising.




Our Social Night at Grill'd Noosa to raise funds for Drought Relief was a great success.  Everyone had an enjoyable evening.


Thank you to all Lions who helped feed the masses at the NOOSA FESTIVAL OF SURFING...fantastic effort. This week was a huge team effort.  Special thanks to Gary Dun who organised this great feat. Congratulations!







At Tewantin Noosa Lions Club, we gladly welcome new Members.  If you would like to know more, please contact us for more information:

Benefits of being a Lion:

  • Friendship - with friendly and dedicated people in the community
  • Gaining more knowledge - about the community
  • Learning new skills - leadership and personal development
  • Fulfilment - from working with other Lions for the common good
  • Self-gratification - by serving and helping others in the community

These are just some of the benefits of being a member of Tewantin Noosa Lions Club which is part of the world’s largest and most active service club organisation.          

Interested in becoming a member?

Call  Bev Heaney on 0402 123 386